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Welcome to aChurch4Me, Metropolitan Community Church! 

We are glad you are here!


The aChurch4Me community is one of spirituality, faith, and connection. We are a diverse congregation and welcome all walks of life, paths of faith, and spiritual connection. At aChurch4Me MCC, all are welcome to join us as we grow together in the community.



MCC is on a bold mission to transform hearts, lives, and history. We are part of a movement that faithfully proclaims God's inclusive love for all people, and proudly bears witness to the holy integration of spirituality and sexuality. 

We are called to:

  1. Do justice, show kindness, and live humbly with God

  2. Explore life’s questions with open hearts and minds

  3. Raise our voices in sacred defiance against religious (and political or systemic) exclusion

  4. Reach out to those in need

  5. Lift up new generations of remarkable, far-reaching, spiritual activists 

We value inclusion, community, spiritual transformation, and social action. As God’s liberated people, we boldly reclaim our holy identity, while advancing our call to social justice through action.  We share the story of God’s transforming grace, nurture the value of community, and build bridges that liberate and unite.


Together we are creating a community where paths cross and interconnect while we journey through life, explore spirituality, and celebrate all God is and what God is doing.


We believe the time has come to work together to create a community where we face our challenges, celebrate who we are, and encounter God through the eyes, stories, and interactions shared with others. 



We value inclusion, community, spiritual transformation, and social action.

We not only affirm and celebrate God's love for our LGBTQI+ siblings but we welcome and celebrate God's love for the Allies among us!

“Do justice, show kindness, and walk humbly with God.” ~ Micah 6:8

Raise our voices in sacred defiance against religious and systemic exclusion and inequity.

Actively listening and responding to what God is calling us to be and to do;

Meet the Team


Rev. Jennie Garcia-Kitch

Senior Pastor


Mike Schuppe

Board Moderator


Denise Coleman

Financial Director

Michael McBride

Music Director

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