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​Doyle Chappell is a portrait artist who paints in a distinctively contemporary style, creating colorful works that are the antithesis of dull, ancestral-type portraits. From the beginning of his art studies at the University of Texas, Chappell preferred painting people to other subjects. His sensitive depictions reflect those intangible qualities that motivate and define each individual.


Admirers of Chappell's portraits have observed that his paintings seem to reflect a kind of inner spirit that expresses much more than the surface appearance. He finds all ages to have a special beauty. Although he has created numerous oil portraits, he presently works mostly in acrylic on canvas as that medium most suites the spontaneous and painterly brushwork and heavy build-up of layers of colors, on top of colors. His works are valued by serious art collectors, and his portraits are included in many private collections. Some of his favorite paintings are of "just plain folks".


Among the well-known subjects Chappell has painted are Lynda Johnson Robb, daughter of President Lyndon Johnson and wife of Virginia Senator Charles Robb, with her children; Senator and Mrs. Warren Magnuson; and actress Daryl Hannah.


Currently, Doyle Chappell is the Artist In Residence at aChurch4Me MCC Chicago!

The Portraits of Doyle Chappell

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