Rev. Rachelle Brown, Provisional Pastor

CHICAGO, February 8, 2012—Rev. Rachelle Brown of aChurch4Me? Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) was featured in an interview by Windy City Times (WCT) on the printed and digital editions for Feb 8, 2012. The discussion was about the July 1-5, 2013  Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) “Believe” General Conference event that kicks off in downtown Chicago at the Fairmont Chicago Hotel.

In a statement with WCT, Pastor Brown talked about aChurch4Me? MCC hosting the pre-convention events on June 23, 2013, and the state of gay, lesbisan, bisexual and transgender rights in countries like Latin Amercia, Eastern Europe and Africa.

It’s really underground for safety. They can’t be out. It’s literally dangerous. Some of the laws in Africa, they will kill people —Rev. Rachelle Brown

Rev. Brown also goes on to talk to WCT about how important expanding outreach here in Chicago and serving the whole LGBT community and beyond.

We have to be very cognizant that our work is here, it’s liberating people who are comfortable being gay and lesbian and out in Chicago. We’re very aware that in our mission of reforming Christianity, this is like a speck in the sea of what’s happening.

One of the missions of aChurch4Me? MCC is to make sure our church in reaching out to all the communities, not just lesbian or gay, but straight, the disadvantaged—as well as the people giving back to the community.

We have quite a few transgender pastors … bisexual as well. It’s not just gay and lesbian.

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