As a matter of love and justice we acknowledge that many infections occur as a result of societal injustices particularly among woman and children due to poverty, lack of access to information, social stigma, among others.  Each of us can have a healthy and sacred sexual life in a world with HIV and AIDS.

Prevention: Get Tested!

When was the last time you were tested?

In a 2008 study 50 percent of the men who tested positive did ot know that they had HIV. (Primary message of our ministry. The accurate statistics on the percentage of people that are untested shouold be started. Locations and web sites for testing should be listed)

Limit the number of sexual partners

You should always know the HIV Status of your sexual partners.

Condoms should be used 100 percent of the time

Always use an approved condom!


Abstention is the only 100 percent sure way of not contracting the HIV Virus or STD’s

Find Community LIVING with HIV and AIDS, working to end this disease with prevention through education and support.