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As a community of faith, aChurch4Me MCC is almost 5 years old, and we are planning

for the next 5 years.  The link

below directs you to a very important survey.

The information you provide is completely anonymous! Your answers are submitted without a name, IP address, or email identifiers.  In this way, your anonymity is assured.

This survey covers three sections: Basic demographics, an evaluation of your worship experience, and expectations of pastoral leadership. Our hope is to receive the most accurate and honest responses possible in order to plan and honor each of you. Your opinion will significantly guide our Board of Servants, Pastor, and Team Leaders.  Thank you for participating.

Please reply before May 12, 2013!

Here is the survey link:  aChurch4Me Survey

If you know of others who have attended aChurch4Me MCC in the past, but are no longer attending, please forward this to them – yes we want everyone’s opinions!

Thank you,
aChurch4Me MCC Board of Servants

40 Days of Giving

7 Sundays, 1 Mission: Be ME
Because YOU are what makes this community aChurch4Me!

“No one has ever become poor by giving” – Anne Frank  
Today marks the beginning what many within Christianity call Lent, the 40 days before Easter.  Often this is a time of fasting, or giving up of something.  Over the centuries the time of fasting has become a series of choices, such as eating fish on Fridays and giving up a habit or type of food during Lent.

While there may be activities in our lives that could be modified to enjoy and healthy and whole life, in our busy lives, we may be in the need of beginning new practices which enrich not only ou
r selves, but the entire community.Today, you are invited to participate in something different:  “40 Days of Giving.”  This c


ampaign encourages each of us to find new ways to give, that we hope continue year around.  Sometimes we want to give of our timetreasures, and talents, but ask, what is the best way to begin?

40 Days of Giving will cover 40 Days and 7 Sundays, and there is only One mission:  Become the church that allows each of us to “Be Me.”  Be creative, Be justice, Be faithful, Be open, Be LGBT, Be straight, Be community, Be me, because all of these parts build the very upon the values we sh

are as aChurch4Me MCC.
Every day, you will receive via email a quote, or thought, on giving.  The message will inspire you to Become a person who gives of time, treasures, and talents to God, each other, and ourselves in all that we do.

Over the next 7 Sunday’s, a reflection on the blessings of giving will be offered by various members of aChurch4Me MCC.  Each of us has unique circumstances, and the ways we can give of our time, treasures, and talents vary.  This is why during these “40 Days of Giving” we will explore ways to integrate every part of our lives as a spiritual practice through giving.
During these 40 Days of Giving, I encourage you to deeply consider ways in which you may b

e able to give on a regular basis, such as volunteering during the week or on Sunday, offer assistance to another person as needed, take better care of your own self, make donations of items to the Lakeview Food Pantry during our March food drive, or begin giving financially on a regular basis either in
person or setting up an online bill pay option.  This option allows you to set the date and amount of your financial gifts and allows the bank to send the funds through a check to aChurch4Me MC
It is our prayer as a community that during these 40 Days of Givingeach of us discover that giving is much more than money!  This is the same wisdom that is said so well by the young Anne Frank, “No one has ever become poor by giving.”
When each of us give or ourselves in multiple ways, according to what we have been

 given, then aChurch4Me MCC will Be that light of hope for others, just as it has b
ecome for you.  Never forget, YOU are what make this community aChurch4Me.May this journey demonstrate the abundant blessings of giving!
aChurch4Me MCC Stewardship Team:  Hank Barfield, Rich Fattes, Georgia Lacy, Gordon McCoy, Eugene Thomas, and Pastor Rachelle Brown

AChurch4Me? Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) will share a series of live worship audio podcast sermons, from Provisional Pastor, Rachelle Brown throughout the year. 

If you want to take a look at what aChurch4me? MCC is doing please listen below. This is for members and others seeking a new spiritual outlook—to reflect throughout your week or want more information about our Sunday worship.

This is an archive worship service on starting  Jan 12, 2012 –  Called and Out: Coming out with a splash 

From April – click on link to download and listen:

Crowds of Change – Travon, Graffiti, and Jesus

Who Will DO the Heavy Lifting?


Why R U Afraid?