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Spirituality Unplugged

It is time to pull the plug on the myths strangling Spirituality!  Everytime an article, blog, news report, or new book says they are “Spiritual but not Religious” the cord of religion is wrapping even more tightly. Is there a difference between Spirituality and Religion?  Absolutely!  Thousands of years of tradtion trail behind the word religion.
If you are ready to unplug, this is the right time.  The cord still strangling the entire conversation is a logic which relies upon either/or thinking.  Afterall the main problem with religious tradition is the right/wrong, inside/outside, formulas which when applied to real people and real lives fails every time.  Just like “religion” the word “spirituality” is gasping for fresh air.  Often when people begin to speak about Spirituality the next portion begins a series of practices or formulas which qualify as Spiritual.
The new definition is a lack of definition. Deep thinkers are beginning to realize the question, “How?” is replaced with “Why?”  This actually makes real sense.  By asking “How?” the temptation is to establish a new set of boundaries within which regulations dominate in the place of liberation so many long to experience and express.  Beginning with “Why?” addresses the more significant issues of being human.
One of the values which guide aChurch4Me MCC is Spiritual Growth, described as setting aside assumptions and dogma we seek to use our gifts and experiences.  Yes, we can be spiritual while we think, love, search, reform, transition, identify, and challenge titles or labels.  Begin with questions, explore, and grow in Spirituality unpluged and breathing in the both/and of human experience which flows and flourishes in the midst of change.

Hear each week’s reflection on Spirituality Unplugged:

Spirituality Unplugged: Hope

Spirituality Unpluged: Included

Spirituality Unpluged: Love

We Moved to Rogers Park!

New aChurch4Me MCC Worship Location

Beginning Sunday April 1, 2012, aChurch4Me MCC will worship in Overdeir Hall, 3rd Floor, within United Church of Rogers Park.  This location will also be the new home of aChurch4Me MCC offices and meeting space!

Our NEW address:

1545 W. Morse Ave Chicago, Illinois 60626

Corner of W. Morse and N. Ashland.

Please use Morse Ave Entrance and Elevator.

This space is ADA accessible with handicapped parking on N. Ashland on the street and in the parking lot.


Worship Podcast Series 2012

AChurch4Me? Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) will share a series of live worship audio podcast sermons, from Provisional Pastor, Rachelle Brown throughout the year. 

If you want to take a look at what aChurch4me? MCC is doing please listen below. This is for members and others seeking a new spiritual outlook—to reflect throughout your week or want more information about our Sunday worship.

This is an archive worship service on starting  Jan 12, 2012 –  Called and Out: Coming out with a splash 

From April – click on link to download and listen:

Crowds of Change – Travon, Graffiti, and Jesus

Who Will DO the Heavy Lifting?


Why R U Afraid?


Worship Podcast Series: Our Spiritual Journey: Travel Companions 2011

AChurch4Me? Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) will share a series of live worship audio podcast sermons, from Provisional Pastor, Rachelle Brown throughout the year. 

This series is about the journey we all take in many communities and what we bring to the table. How we treat each other, and the place we are now.

If you want to take a look at what aChurch4me? MCC is doing please listen below. This is for members and others seeking a new spiritual outlook—to reflect throughout your week or want more information about our Sunday worship.

This is an archive worship service on Sunday, October 23 to December 2011.


Rev. Rachelle Brown Featured in Windy City Times, Talks Inclusion

Rev. Rachelle Brown, Provisional Pastor

CHICAGO, February 8, 2012—Rev. Rachelle Brown of aChurch4Me? Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) was featured in an interview by Windy City Times (WCT) on the printed and digital editions for Feb 8, 2012. The discussion was about the July 1-5, 2013  Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) “Believe” General Conference event that kicks off in downtown Chicago at the Fairmont Chicago Hotel.

In a statement with WCT, Pastor Brown talked about aChurch4Me? MCC hosting the pre-convention events on June 23, 2013, and the state of gay, lesbisan, bisexual and transgender rights in countries like Latin Amercia, Eastern Europe and Africa.

It’s really underground for safety. They can’t be out. It’s literally dangerous. Some of the laws in Africa, they will kill people —Rev. Rachelle Brown

Rev. Brown also goes on to talk to WCT about how important expanding outreach here in Chicago and serving the whole LGBT community and beyond.

We have to be very cognizant that our work is here, it’s liberating people who are comfortable being gay and lesbian and out in Chicago. We’re very aware that in our mission of reforming Christianity, this is like a speck in the sea of what’s happening.

One of the missions of aChurch4Me? MCC is to make sure our church in reaching out to all the communities, not just lesbian or gay, but straight, the disadvantaged—as well as the people giving back to the community.

We have quite a few transgender pastors … bisexual as well. It’s not just gay and lesbian.

Want to get involved? Learn more about what aChurch4Me? MCC does in Chicago and how you can join our meetings, worship and volutneer efforts. Check out our Resource Welcome Kit to learn more.

Also, learn more about the National MCC churches event in 2013 and join us!


Allan McClendon Strengthens HIV/Aids Prevention Ministry for 2012

Allan McClendon has chosen to take the lead of the HIV/AIDS Prevention ministry. Hear his thoughts for the year of 2012 for aChurch4Me? MCC and the HIV/Aids Prevention communities.

Over the months of 2011 We successfully marched (and I drove the car!) in this year’s pride parade, made appearances at various community events such as the Transgender Day of remembrance as well as Lakeview Action Coalition events.  We also partnered with Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN) and had a wonderful World Aids Day Memorial service on Dec 1, 2011. 

We look forward to the New Year with hope. We’ll continue to raise the conciousness of others and allow God’s healing spirit to work through us to improve the lives of others impacted by HIV/AIDS. —Allan McClendon

Rev. Rachelle Brown Joins aChurch4me?

Rev. Rachelle Brown, Provisional Pastor


For further information about this release, please contact Kevin O’Brien, Clerk of The Board of
Servants, achurch4me? MCC
Tel: (773) 885-9353


Chicago—a aChurch4Me? MCC is pleased to announce that it has called a new Provisional Pastor, Rev. Rachelle Brown to lead its growing, and vibrantly diverse congregation. Rev. Brown was recently appointed by the denomination’s Rev. Elder Lillie Brock and The Board of Elders to fill the vacancy left by the church’s founding Pastor, Rev. Kevin L. Downer. The much beloved “Pastor Kevin”, as he was known throughout Chicago’s LGBT community, departed in July to lead another MCC church in Minneapolis. Rev. Brown’s appointment as Provisional Pastor is for a six month period, and at the end of which time the congregation will vote as to whether they would like her to become the Permanent Pastor of aChurch4Me? MCC. Continue reading


HIV Prevention Ministry Message

As a matter of love and justice we acknowledge that many infections occur as a result of societal injustices particularly among woman and children due to poverty, lack of access to information, social stigma, among others.  Each of us can have a healthy and sacred sexual life in a world with HIV and AIDS.

Prevention: Get Tested!

When was the last time you were tested?

In a 2008 study 50 percent of the men who tested positive did ot know that they had HIV. (Primary message of our ministry. The accurate statistics on the percentage of people that are untested shouold be started. Locations and web sites for testing should be listed)

Limit the number of sexual partners

You should always know the HIV Status of your sexual partners.

Condoms should be used 100 percent of the time

Always use an approved condom!


Abstention is the only 100 percent sure way of not contracting the HIV Virus or STD’s

Find Community LIVING with HIV and AIDS, working to end this disease with prevention through education and support.