Service every Sunday @ 11:00 am

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day

Thursday, October 17, is National Latinao AIDS Awareness Day!

Activities all day at the Center on Halsted!

aChurch4Me MCC will have a booth at the event!

Speakers begin at 3 pm and events go well into the evening.

Volunteer today to help us share the message of MCC and living with HIV/AIDS as a person of faith. The resource fair is from 5-7.

If you want to help with the table by being present to pass out flyers about MCC, speak with Christian Castro or send an email

To register to participate in the events click on this link:



One Prayer at a Time

One Prayer at a Time


One Prayer at a Time!!


Imagine millions praying

One  Prayer  at  a  time!!  

For almost three decades, people of faith have stood among the masses waiting for social, legislative, and scientific reforms to handle the business of recovering from HIV/AIDS. All the while our heads hung in despair and acceptance of HIV/AIDS as a disease that is larger than available and traditional defenses. The reality, however, is that, as people of ALL faiths, we have not boldly, collectively, and
efficiently tried our most powerful and demonstrated weapon against crises and turmoil in our lives: Prayer!

We invite any faith communities across the globe, regardless of denominational affiliation, to join us in this effort.

Fighting HIV/AIDS

One Prayer at a Time

As we move into the fourth decade of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, over 34 million men, women, and children live with this disease.  In spite of tremendous social and medical advances over the past years, HIV/AIDS continues to ravage communities and families throughout the world. Our ability to contain the spread of this disease falls just beyond our grasp. At the same time, however, prayer has always served to strengthen people in a crisis situation. Prayer has been proven to bring comfort and guidance, and power. Imagine millions praying for the end of HIV/AIDS!! Prayer brings clarity and focus and courage.  Prayer works!! Prayer changes lives!!

Designed to lift up 
the heads and hearts of people of faith who strive to reclaim the power of prayer  One Prayer is

A prevention activity that encourages prayer, education, and advocacy

One Prayer invokes the participation of a Higher Power in the global fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS and aims to organize and mobilize a community of individuals from diverse spiritual and religious traditions to celebrate life, love, and health in spite of disease, bigotry, and despair.

Be a Prayer Partner

Joining  this  effort  is  simple.

Like One Prayer on Facebook at


  1. Share this link with a friend.
  2. Post your picture in our Prayin’ People Gallery
  3. Post your  personal prayers on the One Prayer page
  4. Pray regularly for persons living with HIV/AIDS and for an end to this disease.

 Act to Prevent and Heal

 Lower your risk by using condoms every time you have sex.

Get help for treatment and recovery from substance abuse.

Get tested once a year or more often if you have multiple partners or engage in risky behaviors

Advocate for people with HIV/AIDS to have access to medical care

If you have HIV, get medical care and stay in care

Pray Regularly for an End to HIV/AIDS throughout the World


An HIV/AIDS education and prevention project of the MCC Global Justice Team and aChurch4Me MCC HIV/AIDS Prevention Ministry.  



World AIDS Day 2012


“Working Together for an AIDS-Free Generation!”

On Saturday December 1, join aChurch4Me MCC at the

Center on Halsted World AIDS Day expo to end the epidemic at World AIDS Day 2012. Workshops, speakers, food, art and a resource fair.
Keynote speaker: Patrik-Ian Polk, filmmaker & creator of the tv series,”Noah’s Arc.”

This event if free & open to the public. RSVP required:


Allan McClendon Strengthens HIV/Aids Prevention Ministry for 2012

Allan McClendon has chosen to take the lead of the HIV/AIDS Prevention ministry. Hear his thoughts for the year of 2012 for aChurch4Me? MCC and the HIV/Aids Prevention communities.

Over the months of 2011 We successfully marched (and I drove the car!) in this year’s pride parade, made appearances at various community events such as the Transgender Day of remembrance as well as Lakeview Action Coalition events.  We also partnered with Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN) and had a wonderful World Aids Day Memorial service on Dec 1, 2011. 

We look forward to the New Year with hope. We’ll continue to raise the conciousness of others and allow God’s healing spirit to work through us to improve the lives of others impacted by HIV/AIDS. —Allan McClendon


HIV Prevention Ministry Message

As a matter of love and justice we acknowledge that many infections occur as a result of societal injustices particularly among woman and children due to poverty, lack of access to information, social stigma, among others.  Each of us can have a healthy and sacred sexual life in a world with HIV and AIDS.

Prevention: Get Tested!

When was the last time you were tested?

In a 2008 study 50 percent of the men who tested positive did ot know that they had HIV. (Primary message of our ministry. The accurate statistics on the percentage of people that are untested shouold be started. Locations and web sites for testing should be listed)

Limit the number of sexual partners

You should always know the HIV Status of your sexual partners.

Condoms should be used 100 percent of the time

Always use an approved condom!


Abstention is the only 100 percent sure way of not contracting the HIV Virus or STD’s

Find Community LIVING with HIV and AIDS, working to end this disease with prevention through education and support.