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National Latino AIDS Awareness Day

Thursday, October 17, is National Latinao AIDS Awareness Day!

Activities all day at the Center on Halsted!

aChurch4Me MCC will have a booth at the event!

Speakers begin at 3 pm and events go well into the evening.

Volunteer today to help us share the message of MCC and living with HIV/AIDS as a person of faith. The resource fair is from 5-7.

If you want to help with the table by being present to pass out flyers about MCC, speak with Christian Castro or send an email

To register to participate in the events click on this link:



Bread for the World & Chicago!

Bread For the World, Special Collection of Food during Worship, Sunday October 20

Bread for the World Sunday

Bread for the world small

is an opportunity for you to join

thousands of other Christians in God’s work to end hunger. Through education, prayer, and worship, you can commit yourself to the fight against hunger and poverty in our country and around the world.  Despite tremendous progress in recent decades against worldwide hunger and poverty, nearly 16,000 children die every day from hunger-related causes. In our own richly blessed country, one in five children lives in a family that struggles to put food on the table.

Collection of CANNED GOODS and Non Perishable FOOD ITE

MS for the Lakeview Food Pantry – bring as much as you are able to!

But we have the knowledge and resources to end widespread hunger. Churches have already led the way in providing food here in the United States and in helping farmers in Africa grow more food. Now our nation’s decision makers must also change the policies and conditions that allow hunger to persist.  Today and in the weeks ahead, you can turn your faith into action when you

• pray for all those who struggle with hunger, poverty, and disease;

• learn more about the causes of and solutions to hunger;

• use your time and financial resources to support local and international

efforts that provide food for hungry people; and

• speak up for hungry people by signing the petition to the president on

the reverse side, asking him to set a goal and work with Congress on a

plan to end hunger in the United States and abroad.


Trusting in the promise of new life, we can be God’s feet and

in the world—creating new hope and opportunity for hungry people.hands


The Chicago Gong Show

The fun and outrageous Chicago version of THE GONG SHOW is Saturday, October 19, 8 pm at Club 3160, the Cabaret Bar at 3160 N. Clark in Boystown!

gong show logo TALENT – SIGN UP FOR THE GONG SHOW here at the Events Page or email! You can perform for FREE!  Sign up so we can get you on the list!

Make sure you have a seat by reserving a VIP seat for only $10. Standing room is available.  $5 suggested donation at the door.  21 and over only.

Every dollar raised from The Chicago Gong Show will benefit aChurch4Me MCC and The Crib, a homeless youth shelter in Boystown run by The Night Ministry.


Marriage Equality – March on Springfield

Tuesday, October 22 beginning at 12 pm, be part of making history in Illinois!

The “March on Springfield” is part of a broad grassroots strategy to

march on spfld

In 1970, MCC Rev. Elder Troy Perry walked up to the courthouse in California and demanding marriage equality.  It was the first time someone said what so many hoped and dreamed to experience in America.  That one action in another generation and at another time has led to a global revolution.  The time for Illinois is here. secure final passage of Senate Bill 10, the “Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act,” already approved by the Illinois Senate.

Want to be there?! 

Join other people of faith from Chicago and get ON the bus!  Buy your bus tix today for this historic event!

Visit  The Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches will arrange at least one bus to leave from a few key geographic locations.  Broadway UMC in Lakeview is a confirmed pickup location.  

For more information, visit

March at  

Twitter @IllinoisMarches


Support the movement with March on Springfield merchandise, including T-shirts, hats, mugs and much more, visit:

2nd Annual Stand Up & Speak Out Walk Against Domestic Violence

Saturday October 19, 9 am.

Members of the aChurch4Me MCC Community will be walking and there are TWO ways to sponsor the walkers.

1.  $10 donation

2.  Donating items to Family Rescue, a southside shelter.

•    Art supplies (brushes, paint, clay, colored pencils)
•    Journals
•    Family size toiletries
•    Family size laundry detergent
•    Diapers (especially sizes 4, 5, 6)
•    Household cleaning supplies
•    Lotions, shampoos
•    New underwear and socks (women and children sizes)
•    Towels and wash cloths
•    NEW backpacks and school supplies (scissors, glue, notebooks, folders, binders, calculators)
•    Used cell phones

For more information on their organization, please visit their website at

Please drop off either, or both, types of donations to aChurch4Me MCC, Sunday October 13!


Senior’s Group

The mission of the Seniors Group is to provide mutual support for persons who are at least 55 years of age, especially persons retired from their primary job.

The group meets for lunch the 2nd Tuesday of each month for conversation, presentations, and information sharing regarding issues including navigating the healthcare system, coping with aging, and other issues in a caring fashion offering mutual spiritual support.

Co-convenors, Dr. Eugene Thomas and Rev. Gordon McCoy, coordinate meetings and visiting members with health concerns.   See the Events section for the next meeting location!

We want YOUR Opinion


aChurch4Me MCC

As a community of faith, aChurch4Me MCC is almost 5 years old, and we are planning

for the next 5 years.  The link

below directs you to a very important survey.

The information you provide is completely anonymous! Your answers are submitted without a name, IP address, or email identifiers.  In this way, your anonymity is assured.

This survey covers three sections: Basic demographics, an evaluation of your worship experience, and expectations of pastoral leadership. Our hope is to receive the most accurate and honest responses possible in order to plan and honor each of you. Your opinion will significantly guide our Board of Servants, Pastor, and Team Leaders.  Thank you for participating.

Please reply before May 12, 2013!

Here is the survey link:  aChurch4Me Survey

If you know of others who have attended aChurch4Me MCC in the past, but are no longer attending, please forward this to them – yes we want everyone’s opinions!

Thank you,
aChurch4Me MCC Board of Servants

40 Days of Giving – Intersection between joy and service

“I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.”   ― Kahlil Gibran

Joy is a hope usually equated with happiness, yet as Kahlil Gibran points out, joy is a state of being as well as a state of mind.  When we move outside of our own needs and wants, to serve others, then the possibilities for joy are beyond our dreams!

40 Days of Giving – “The place where your treasure is…”

“The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be´- Jesus

Jesus, on the hillside with hundreds, and even thousands of people, described the different types of treasures someone can gather.  Part of the message describes things that can be eaten by moths, corroded by rust, or stolen.  ADT, car alarms, or locks, can only do so much if the things we treasure can become outdated, break down, or disappear.

Money, jewelry, cars, and houses, are part of everyday American life.  So what is a treasure?  Jesus considers treasure something larger than items to be consumed, worn, or stored.  Today, I look around and take an inventory of the beautiful things, whether in nature, memories of events, people, and relationships that remind me I am alive.  Like Jesus said, “It is obvious, isn’t it?  The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being.”   During these 40 Days of Giving, enjoy the valuables all around, but when it comes to treasure, make sure you gather and share something that will last much longer.

(Scripture references from The Message interpretation of Matthew 6:19-21)

40 Days of Giving Meditations – “You can give without loving, but…”

“You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving” –  Robert Louis Stevenson  

These words from another century from writer Robert Louis Stevenson have been re-spoken, reprinted, and re-organized, yet the message is very similar – giving without love is common.  We receive receipts without love from merchants.  Yet when we love, giving takes on an entirely different meaning.  Pop music is a type of social barometer especially when it comes to ideas about love.  Songs tell the stories of giving and taking, loving and marrying, cheating, and leaving, though usually not in that order or all in one song.  Yet if this all we hear about love, focused solely on intimate relationships, then it is difficult to consider the love needed to give without pairing with another person.  Love is broader than an object of affection to receive gifts.  Love is related to giving because one’s passions are connected.  What kind of passions do you have?  Equal rights, animal rescue, ending poverty, assisting addicts in recovery, youth, ending ignorance, addressing gun violence, or other issues?  We know that as individuals these issues are overwhelming.  Yet, our ability to participate and give relies upon our ability to express love.  Today, identify your passions.  Name them.  Choose one and offer a gift of yourself out of love.