Our Values

We seek to build a community of understanding, open to all people.

We observe progressive form of Christianity  - intentionally seeking to dig beneath two millennia of dogma and tradition to uncover the authentic essence of faith and spirituality.  And are a community who is listening each day for what God is calling us to be and to do, following the playful, creative Spirit, and experiencing the grace, hope and love found in Christ.

We value:

  • Creativity:  Using artistic expression to bridge differences, offer hope, and celebrate the mystery.
  • Diversity: Living out of love and celebrating the rich variety of all creation.
  • Faith in Action: Actively listening and responding to what God is calling us to do and to be to make our lives, our city and the world more just and loving
  • Hospitality: Offering a safe and open community; welcoming, listening to, learning from and working with others.
  • Positive Presence: As a community and as individuals, we are called into healthy relationships to be with each other on our journeys.  We recognize and value our inter-connectedness.  We choose to be a healthy, positive presence in our community, city and world as we practice and model God’s call for humility, justice and loving kindness in our community, city, world, lives and relationships.
  • Radically Organic: Affirming that all are gifted and called by God, we are nurturing an environment where all collectively develop our ministries as we dig beneath the assumptions, traditions and hierarchy which have created walls, segregation and division.  Together we discover and affirm the gifts of others (our life’s purpose) and work together to find ways to employ our collective gifts for the greater good (giving our lives greater meaning and value).
  • Spiritual Growth: Setting aside assumptions and dogma we seek to use our gifts and experiences to heal, celebrate and deepen our relationships with self, others, creation, Creator and even tradition.