Our Principles

Our Guiding Principles

Since our inception, we have embraced the following guiding principles which help us keep our decisions, activities and ministries focused on and true to God’s mission for us:

I. Follow God’s lead

  • Organic (Gen 1:1), Authentic (Ex 3:11-14, Deut 10:12), Relational (Gen 9:13-16; Deut 6:4-6, 7:9, Matt 22:37-39 )
  • Be it – Do it: Justly a.k.a. Justice is what Justice does (Micah 6:6-8)

II. Meet people Where they arew  Physically, culturally, spirituallyw  Be accessible to all who are Spiritually Curious & Spiritual Wanderers, 20 Somethings, LGBTQqIAa

III. Make use of existing resources

IV. Live the 5 (MCC) purpose statements

V. Mission & ministry 1st!We are intentionally seeking to build a community which

  • Celebrates our diverse traditions;
  • Grows in understanding as we learn from one another; and Continually seeks to listen and respond to what our Creator is calling us to be and to do.

Why these principles?

We seek to honor what we as a community find to be life giving, affirming, just and loving; incorporating arts and creativity within our ministries, activities and worship; while tearing down the walls that divide and building up hope in our community, city and world!

“Community” IS our middle name: We are the “church.” We believe that each person finds their way into this new community for a reason;  and that everyone has gifts to help this new community further God’s mission as we tear down walls and build up hope in our community, city and our world.

Spirituality is at our core – We understand that many in our community, city and world are hungering for deeper spiritual connection and we offer many spirituality seminars, workshops and experiences; such as Sex and the Sacred; Creating a Life that Matters; Rediscovering Relationship with the Sacred; Bible and Homosexuality; Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, etc.