Our Team

aChurch4me MCC:  Our “Team” and “Leaders”

At aChurch4me MCC we believe that each person finds their way to this new community for a reason and that everyone has been uniquely prepared through experiences, challenges, perspectives, skills, talents and yet-to-be-discovered spiritual gifts to help this new community further our Creator’s mission to tear down walls and build up hope in our community, city and our world.  In this way, we believe that everyone has been called by our Creator and that all our part of “our team” and “our ministry.”

From within our community, “leaders” emerge as we journey and grow together; as we listen and respond to what we are called as a community to be and to do.  We believe that leaders self-identify (or are called forward) as their particular perspectives, insights, spiritual gifts, experiences, challenges and questions help the community be and become what we are being called to be and become for the community, city and world.  Throughout history, the Spirit has moved, nudged, cajoled and called forth often reluctant leaders who are uniquely suited to join with others on the journey of discovery, digging beneath the taken-for-granted, expected business and in their own way helping the community to listen more deeply, to respond authenitcally in the present moment as the Spirit whispers, or shouts or warms their heart and the people can say “Here I am…” and “Here WE ARE!”

Their are, of course, many leaders in our community, some who have accepted responsibility to facilitate aspects of our community and others whose positive presence builds the body in many important ways.  The following is a list of “leaders” who have stepped forward to facilitate various aspects our community:

  • Pastor
  • Board of Servants
  • Music Minister
  • Worship Design Team including Music, Visual Arts, AV, and Hospitality
  • Community Care Ministry and Prayer Team
  • Faith in Action: Social Justice Ministry
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention and Justice Ministry
  • Hunger Action
  • Pride Planning
  • Participation in Lakeview Action Coalition
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Community/Social groups
  • eCommuntiy
  • Connection & Communications
  • Stewardship/Finance
  • FUNd Raising
  • Operations