Our Community

We are a growing community of inquisitive souls from various backgrounds, ethnicities, traditions, orientations, age groups and spiritual paths
We feel the need to do something – different.We share a passion to engage our City and our selves.

We dare to imagine becoming a people:Who struggle to face our challenges—together; Who live and learn, love and laugh as we grow spiritually;Who transcend the differences that demean and divide us;Who thrive in the exuberant celebration of God’s abundant love and grace found in the diversity ofour relationships,our loves,and the whole of our lives.

We are a diverse people who know that the time has come to build a community like no other.  A community where, together, we can ask questions, learn from one another and seek what God is asking us to do and to be for each other, for this city and for the world!

“Spiritual” but skeptical of all that organized “religion” has become? Seeking more meaningful spiritual experiences and authentic worship that speak to the realities of your life?Unsure of spirituality, religion or the “God” thing?Feeling overlooked, passed by, on the outside?Send us your thoughts, attend a gathering or sign up for our email lists!
We are currently gathering input and getting people together as we build community, explore spirituality and become a whole new way of being church!