Members & Friends

Membership as a Spiritual Practice

Members are individuals who are committed to the vision and mission of aChurch4Me? MCC and have voice and vote at congregational meetings, can serve on the Board of Servants and ultimately set the direction for the congregation.  Members have a great deal of authority and responsibility for the success of our community, have voice and vote at congregational meetings, can serve on the Board of Servants and ultimately set the direction for the congregation.  Members:

  • Elect the governing board and the pastor;
  • Approve the annual operating budget (thereby choosing how to support and invest in various ministry activities);
  • Have the final say on the big decisions that influence our growth and direction.

 At aChurch4Me? MCC we believe that being a member is more than by-laws and voting.  Membership is a spiritual practice.  A way of intentionally choosing to join others in community as we explore, discover and use our gifts to make our community, city and world more just and more loving.  As members, we pool our skills and unique talents; our presence; our insights, ideas, hopes and questions; and our financial resources to be and become a new community and new kind of “church” making a difference in our hurting world.  Members embrace, edify and embody the vision, mission and Core Values of aChurch4Me? MCC.

Each individual decides for themselves if and how they might be involved or serve the community; what they will give to support the ministry, etc.  We do not assess a membership fee or require a minimum contribution.  This is spiritual, as we believe we are each called to give from our hearts in celebration… not out of duty, obligation, guilt, shame or doctrinal requirement.

The board and pastor are accountable to the members of the congregation.  

All persons 13  and older may choose to become members of aChurch4Me?

Expectations of Members include:

  • Presence and participation in the ministries and programs of aChurch4Me? (attending, facilitating, assisting, leading, providing insights, ideas and feedback);
  • Providing support for our ministry and mission based on service contribution, financial support and assisting in the growth of the ministries, e.g., fund raising, inviting visitors, helping to get the word out, etc.
  • Exploring, discovering and practicing healthy relationships and communications, e.g., direct dealing, honoring relationships, practicing Micah 6:8 and Loving one another in just, humble and merciful ways.

Becoming a Member
To become a member one must:

Attend an inquiry session,Complete a membership applicationCome before the congregation to acknowledge their support for our vision mission and Core Values and to promise that with God’s guidance they will use the gifts God has given them to help us embody God’s vision and mission for us.

In certain circumstances, individuals may feel passionate about our community, vision and mission but may be unable to become a member, e.g., they hold membership in another congregation which does not permit dual membership.