About Us

What is aChurch4Me? Metropolitan Community Church

We are a new community reimagining what spirituality, faith and “church” can be as we celebrate life, love, and hope! We are a diverse congregation and many of our members have struggled against oppression. At a aChurch4Me? MCC all are welcome to find their way as we grow spiritually, find meaning in hope and love, and seek sustainable, just ways of being in relationship. We are a ministry of the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC).

Please see our vision, mission and values for more information.

The “Human Rights Church” Where:

  • Love is a blessing;
  • diversity a gift;
  • worship a celebration;
  • and life a journey!
  • Exploring meaning, purpose, healthy relationships, gifts and our passion; connecting with outers; growing deeper in relationship with ourselves, others, creation and Creator.
  • Being andĀ becomingĀ a positive presence as we bring healing and hop to our community, city world and lives.

Join us.